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School is an organization where education is given to the students to make them capable for the battle of life and to make them learn on their own and teach one another.
Prime duty of the teachers and staff members to plan and act for the welfare of the students. For this purpose, they need ample amount of time. If they get free from other work like data management especially if they are doing manually, they can think and work for the progress of students and school.
To fulfill this purpose, we have a software especially for school management which will save lot of time of teachers and other staff. In this software, we can plan our own fees structure, we can manage all the enquiries and admissions, generate fees reports and other necessary reports. We can manage library and all its functions in this software.

How EduSoft helps in managing student’s enquiries / leads.

From school point of view, record of parents enquiry is very important part that must be handled very carefully and intelligently. In enquiry section, school need to keep record of all the details of a child like date of birth, gender, address, contact no.’s, email id of parents, parents qualification along with photographs of parents and their ward.

Managing student’s enquiries/ leads
Admission Entry

How to enter a new Admission Entry

Can you recall your first day at school. Its pretty hard,but exciting. New school, new environment, new friends, new life; everything appears strange to new student. In the same way a new student is appears strange until his/her details are properly maintained in school records

Print ID-Cards of students as per your desired designs

Print ID-Cards of students as per your desired designs

Print ID-Cards
Send SMS

Send SMS

Wish students on Birthday, wish parents on their birthdays/anniversaries, send messages like homework, holidays, notices, fee reminder, attendance and school events in one shot using SMS API with EduSoft School software.

How to Setup Fees Structure

Using EduSoft software, a school can maintain fees operations so easily and accurately. Just need to create fees heads and define fee plan of the school. Here we are going to show you how to create fees heads.

Setup Fees Structure
Route Wise Transport Fee Management

Route Wise Transport Fee Management

The main role of transportation system in every school is to pick and drop the students from and to their respective routes on time. For different routes, school has to charge different amount from students based on distance covered.

Fee Collection

The main area of concern in every school is fees collection. Fees management should be done properly and all the accounts should be maintained accurately.

Fee Collection
Library Management

Library Management

In a library, all the books need to be managed properly, their issue and return transactions should be accurately maintained. Using school software, all the time consuming manual register maintenance work has been changed to digital and automatic.

Concept of Demand Bill Printing

To help easy fee collection and help parents pay their dues directly in the school bank account, concept of Demand Bill comes in limelight.

Demand Bill Printing
School Stationary Item Entry

How to Manage School Stationary Shop

Stationary shop in a school needs to manage all the stock items received from the supplier like stationery, book sets, Sports items, music items etc. Every sale purchase entry needs to be maintained accurately.

Creates books and stationery sets

School creates books and stationery sets for students of all the classes.

books and stationery sets
Stock Purchase

Stock Purchase

School purchases items from various suppliers. All the purchase entries are maintained accurately in school software.

Material Issue

School issue items like books and stationery to students. To make material issue entry, go to entries menu and click on Material Issue. Material Issue window will be opened.

Material Issue
Attendance Entry

Attendance Entry

Every parents want to set their child up for success—in school and in life—but knowing the best way to help isn’t always easy. Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare a child for success—both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school.

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